Ethan Hoover

Ethan Hoover
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Please don't ask me to do a split, I don't have that kind of flexibility. Instead, because I take on a limited number of weddings each year, I am  usually able to accommodate most changes that may arise regarding your wedding date, venue, or itinerary.


There's a reason why people say, "Communication is key." I value communicating clear expectations, updates, and needs in a timely manner to make sure I'm prepared for your special day and you can be stress-free.


I play nice and don't bite. Getting along with all kinds of people and vendors is easy for me! I'm convinced that collaboration not only results in an awesome wedding day, but also a better final product. I work around the vendors and photographers so that we're all happy, get what we need, and stay on-time.


You can count on me. I'll respond quickly, communicate clearly, and show up when it matters most. I realize that there is enough to plan and worry about for your wedding day, so I strive to make sure that I'm one less thing you have to worry about.

Hey, my name is Ethan! 👋

I wear a lot of different hats within my several different ventures, but wedding videography is the hat I have always loved to wear. It’s given me the ability to connect with new people, challenge myself creatively, and make people happy!

I’m not your typical videographer who creates the same old traditional wedding videos (booooring). I’m a wedding videographer that actually likes to capture the essence of the couple, you!

Throughout my many years in wedding videography, roles as Creative Director, experience in marketing, strategy, and web design, I’ve been able to combine much of what I have learned into best practices for wedding video to make sure I stay organized and artistic, and you stay communicated to and happy.

My heart is to see your heart full, plain and simple. I hope to meet you soon!